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Telecommunications Cabling Standards

Structured Plus Communications guarantees that all Telecommunications Cabling Standards will be met or exceeded. The TIA standard defines the parameters for each part of the cabling system, which includes work area wiring, horizontal wiring, telecommunication closets, equipment rooms and, cross-connects, backbone (vertical) wiring, and entrance facilities. You can learn more about the TIA standards at Tom Sheldon’s Linktionary.
All of the following standards and codes will be recognized and adhered to in relation to structured cabling installations.

TIA/EIA-568-A-1995 (Commercial Building Telecommunication Cabling Standard)

Defines a standard for building cable systems for commercial buildings that support data networks, voice and video. It also defines the technical and performance criteria for cabling.
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TIA/EIA-568-A updates (1998-1999)

The TIA/EIA-568 was updated several times through this time period. Update A1 outlined propagation delay and delay skew parameters. Update A2 specified miscellaneous changes. Update A3 specified requirements for bundled and hybrid cables. Update A4 defined NEXT and return loss requirements for patch cables. Finally, update A5 defined performance requirements for Enhanced Category 5 (Category 5E).

TIA/EIA-568-B.1-2000 (Commercial Building Telecommunications Wiring Standard)

The year 2000 update packages all the previous addendums and service updates into a new release and, most important, specifies that Category 5E cable is the preferred cable type that can provide minimum acceptable performance levels. Several addendums were also released that specify technical information 100-ohm twisted-pair cable, shielded twisted-pair cable and optical fiber cable.
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TIA/EIA-569-A-1995 (Standard for Telecommunication Pathways and Spaces)

This standard defines how to build the pathways and spaces for telecommunication media.

TIA 570-A-1998 (Residential and Light Commercial Telecommunications Wiring Standard)

This standard specifies residential cabling.

TIA/EIA-606-1994 (Building Infrastructure Administration Standard)

This standard defines the design guidelines for managing a telecommunications infrastructure.

TIA/EIA-607-1995 (Grounding and Bonding Requirements)

This standard defines grounding and bonding requirements for telecommunications cabling and equipment.