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Project Service Commitment

Structured Plus Communications is a client-focused organization, and nothing is more important to us than our high standard Project Service Commitment. Even before a project is awarded, you will experience our commitment to servicing our clients. Contact us today and see for yourself how SPC delivers the highest standards in our industry.

Single Point Project Management

As part of our Project Service Commitment, Structured Plus Communications (SPC) assigns a full-time, experienced Project Manager to each job to provide a single point-of-contact for all communications between SPC and the Customer. The Project Manager establishes the project plan, determines and allocates tasks between the SPC Team, and coordinates all aspects of the job. By attending all scheduled meetings, the Project Manager acts as a communication link between the Customer and SPC. The Customer will receive regular up-to-date status reports, and the Project Manager will communicate information to the SPC Team to ensure on-time, successful completion of the project.
Structured cabling quality you can count on

Structured cabling quality you can always count on from the crew at SPC

Project Implementation and Control

Another factor in our Project Service Commitment is project schedules are tracked and controlled by our Operations group. Detailed implementation schedules are available after SPC has received all necessary construction schedules and documents from the owner or general contractor. SPC specializes in small/large projects, Mac tickets and will go beyond the call of duty to complete work within the specified time frame.

Client Focused Service Department

The SPC Project Service Commitment also includes services for moves, adds/changes, and the service and maintenance SPC customers need. All of our technicians carry radios, which allows for frequent communication between office and field personnel. Services can be made in several ways, including faxed forms or calls to our service department. Once a service call is requested, a work order will be created, and a technician is scheduled. SPC usually responds to scheduled service requests within two (2) business days. In most situations, SPC can respond within two (2) hours for emergency service calls.
Structured Cabling Tidy Cabinet

Every cable, every connection, every cabinet is tight, tidy and tested thoroughly for a system you can be sure to count on

Insurance Policy

Structured Plus Communications is covered under its own corporate master policy maintained by our Home Office in Denver, Colorado. Upon award, SPC can request that the owner or general contractor be added as an Additional Named Insured and a certificate as such provided.

Project Warranty

SPC provides a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all cabling that is performed as part of any project. In addition, all materials used for a project have a manufacturer warranty that may apply. In the event that any materials fail to work as intended, due to a factory defect, the manufacturer warranty would be applied.